The objective was to create a cohesive visual brand that reflects the firms' focus on “creating events with vision and heart” for varied clientele from newly engaged lovebirds, C-level execs interested in entertaining clients, development directors, resource-stretched non-profits, and anyone seeking assistance with private parties.  The new branding should convey a sense of both timeless glamour with a suggestion of head-in-the-clouds whimsy. This juxtaposition works to reflect varying abilities of: 1) staying well-versed in contemporary event trends , 2) while being methodical in their ability to seamlessly orchestrate the many facets of planning an event. This all in tandem with 3) an over-reaching hope of bringing to fruition event “dreams” of their clients - no matter how fantastical or utopian they may seem. 
There are many event planners to choose from, but DYV feels they have a special ability to pull-off client vision because of the way they integrate the clients vision and purpose into each step of the planning. 

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