Insightful visionary. Harmonizer extraordinaire.

Creative Coach + Graphic Artist + Branding Consultant

I am curious and energetic. Creative and authentic. I crave originality and love to help establish harmony. I'm comfortable pushing envelopes and possibilities. I thrive when working with people and ideas. 
I've worked as a graphic designer for almost 10 years. There are a lot of hats available to wear under the category of graphic designer - copywriter, photographer, marketing and branding consultant, even coach.  I love business stuff almost as much as I love the people propelling 'em forward. Over the long haul of my life I've indulged an undercurrent of fascination with our human minds. From their capacity for brilliance and greatness to the tendencies for negativity and staying small. 
In the spring of 2020 I put that obsession to work becoming a certified life coach. I am in the business of dreaming up possibilities and making them real. Among the things I know for sure: there are times when we all need a hand to see past our limitations; a good nights sleep makes [almost] everything better; and everything we need to thrive exists inside of us. 
If you need a hand bringing your wildest dreams to life or finding them, let's talk. 
In a nutshell:
- Grew up in Jacksonville Arkansas 
- Married to Ross (2005)
- Live in Benton Arkansas on 5 wooded acres in a home I spent my life mentally building ❤️
- Momma to Lacey (the photo-bombing black lab pictured above) 
- BA in Medical Sociology (Minor in Marketing) University of Central Arkansas (2003)
- Post Baccalaureate in Fine Arts, emphasis in Graphic Design, University of Arkansas at Little Rock (2013)
- Certified Branding Consultant (2016)
- Certified Life and Weight Coach (The Life Coach School | 2020)
- Green thumb
- Wannabe carpenter
- Lake {Ouachita} bum
- Life-long-learner.